Bucket Elevator

A bucket elevator is a mechanism used for lifting or hauling materials in the vertical direction. Although the direction of lifting is mostly from down to up, in some situations it may be used in the opposite direction. The elevator mechanism consists of a bucket to carry the material, a belt for the motion of the bucket, a motor to drive the belt and various external equipment to load the bucket with the fresh raw material and to dispose the waste material from the bucket. Based on their applications, buckets are closely spaced if used for carrying non-fragile materials and are widely spaced for carrying fragile materials. Monitoring the belt tension and providing protection to the device is of paramount importance. The bucket elevators reduce manual labor by manifold as it eliminates the need to walk up and down to transport the raw material. It comes in handy mainly during construction work where laborers have to travel all the way down to the ground floor to get materials.

We manufacture centrifugal bucket elevators, continuous bucket elevators, internal discharge bucket elevators and positive bucket elevators; the most sought ones being the centrifugal and continuous bucket elevators.

The centrifugal elevators, used for non-fragile or liquid materials, operate on the principle of centrifugal force. The centrifugal force acting on the material throws it out of the bucket into the discharge throat, thereby, restricting manual labor to remove the materials out of the buckets. They are best suited for high-speed applications. If your primary focus is to minimize product damage, then it would be advisable for one to opt for a low-speed continuous bucket elevator. In such bucket elevators, the buckets are widely spaced, and the elevation of the bucket elevators may be selected according to the requirement and the application. We provide cost effective solutions which are complete with plate links, chains and belts made with premium quality material. These bucket elevators have versatile applications and can deliver material at several points along their lengths, owing to multiple loading stops. The bucket has a solid stainless steel finish making it resistant to wear and tear. Our bucket elevators are designed with the latest technology and conform to international standards.