Sonia Industries Business System
Sonia industries worldwide businesses and employees by providing a common set of values, philosophies, management tools and measures. It enables us to systematically manage our businesses while capturing the benefits of diversity, scale and rapid transfer of best practices Corporate Goals - We achieve our business goals by adhering to Sonia Industries core values. Our Philosophy states that our success depends on the superior performance of each employee in support of our customers. When employees commit themselves to the goals of the organization, sustained high performance will follow. This level of commitment does not just happen; it is created when employees, managers and the company all share certain key beliefs about their mutual responsibilities to one another.

Core Values

  • Making our customers the focus of everything we do.
  • Recognizing our people as our greatest asset.
  • Treating each other with respect.
  • Being fair, honest and open.
  • Being considerate of the environment and our communities.
  • Keeping our commitments

Assessing Performance

At Sonia Industries, in addition to our traditional financial measurements, we are interested in assessing performance in:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Supplier performance
  • Employee satisfaction