Who we are?

The success of any industrial organization closely parallels its ability to meet the needs of the consumer on a consistent and continuing basis. Sonia Industries., is an outstanding example of this. Through its consistent efforts to develop the kind of Machines the consumer wants, the company today holds a position of leadership in the pressure cooker manufacturing plants, Dies etc.

Sonia Industries is recognized as a leader in the Pressure Cooker Manufacturing plant industry due to its long history of innovation, which has created major new categories of products. Expansion into these new product fields was the result of a long-range planning and development program. It is the company's intention to continually provide innovative new products which meet the needs of today's changing lifestyles, as well as a wide selection of basic appliances which reflect the image of quality long associated with the Sonia Industries name. With its vast experience in manufacturing pressure cooker plant and to more adequately meet the needs of the consumer, in 1988 the company introduced the first pressure cooker plant.

We are committed to attracting, developing, and keeping a diverse work force that reflects the nature of our global business. Our business is global, diverse, and highly competitive. Our success depends on our ability to draw the very best from the entire pool of available talent, unlimited by gender, race, or any of the other characteristics that differentiate us. We are committed to having a work force that is diverse at all levels, reflecting the diversity of our customers and the varied environments in which we conduct business around the world. Our communications with one another are open, honest, and timely.